Mague House
Personal Places

Mague House

Malinalco, Mexico Mauricio Ceballos X Architects

practical info

Category Personal Places
Studio: Mauricio Ceballos X Architects (Malinalco, Mexico)
Authors: Mauricio Ceballos Pressler, Francisco Vazquez
Location: Malinalco, Mexico
Program: Housing, single,
State: New construction
Video credits: Mauricio Ceballos Pressler, Sofia Ancira, Carolina Urrea, María Fernada García
Image credits: Diego Padilla Magallanes

visual material

general aspects

Located in an ancestral place at Malinalco, México; surrounded by abundant vegetation, on the slope of a hill, the site was carefully chosen by the clients due to its unique micro-climate and large trees. We approached the project by asking ourselves: How to create a construction with contemporary language within a pre-Hispanic context, which manages to merge with the natural and cultural environment? How to develop a flexible and timeless home?
The concept is based on the Mesoamerican worldview, where trees have a ritual meaning. The roots symbolize the connection with the underworld, the trunks the earthly human life and the cups the connection with the Gods. To emphasize this, the project is divided into three levels: the first one, a mirror base that gives continuity to the natural terrain, and allows the main volume of the house to give the sensation of floating; then, the living space, all on the same level where everyday life occurs; finally the natural outer cover formed by the foliage of the trees.
To avoid affecting the trees, the site was carefully scanned and different volumes were distributed around them. In this way, labyrinthine and multifunctional spaces emerged, continuously changing their perception and function according to the light and the time of day, the moment, this flexibility worked perfectly during the times of COVID-19.
Using natural and local materials such as wood, stone and Chukum (ancient Mayan stucco), while integrating mirrors around the facades, create a seamless integration with the surroundings.

about the category

Casa Mague is a Personal Place that allows through its design and the relationship between the site and the intimacy of the spaces, to have a private space through the sequence of personal spaces to collective spaces connected by opened areas that merge in with the natural context. The disposition of the different volumes along the terrain make it possible to have private moments inside the indoor spaces.

Within the project there are large spaces for contemplation, spaces without an owner, flexible and adaptable in use, which you can appropriate to make them your private space. Having such a comtemplative environment, one is able to get back in touch with the Self.