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Güímar, Canary Islands, Spain SOSREthink

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Studio: SOSREthink (Las Palmas / Güímar (Canary Islands); Santander (Cantabria), Spain)
Authors: Héctor García Sánchez, Lourdes Galindo Delgado, Francisco José García Sánchez, Cecilia Ribalaygua Batalla, Héctor García Boissier
Location: Güímar, Canary Islands, Spain
Program: Housing, single, Landscape,
State: Temporary or ephemeral
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general aspects

¨Bio Edible Landscape House¨

¨Edible landscaping¨ is a term for an old idea what can help to preserve our enviroment and ecosystems. Agriculture, gardens, orchards, all of them can transform landscapes "edible" again. ¨Bio Edible Landscape House¨ introduces wild nature, ecosystem and healthy food at home, combining at the same time natural landscape, bio agriculture and sustainable architecture.
¨Bio Edible Landscape House¨ (BELH) is based on Gilles Clément´s theory ¨The Garden in Motion¨. Inside ¨The Garden in Motion¨ natural energies - growth, struggle, shifting, exchange, etc… do not encounter the obstacles usually set up to oblige nature to yield to geometry, to tidiness, or any other cultural principal. These energies encounter in BELH the architect-gardener in motion, who tries to do as much as possible for and as little as possible against.
Based on this idea, BELH is a bio agricultural area where it is posible to live outside, between nature and its life cycles. ¨Bio Edible Landscape House¨ goes back to the original house of the human being; ¨Nature¨.

about the category

The challenge of this proposal constitutes the non-prototype, or the non-model response to common lifestyle. It is defined by the relationship generated between the deep feelings of freedom and the needs to live in nature.
¨Bio Edible Landscape House¨ (BELH) is a bio agricultural area where it is posible to live outside, between nature and its life cycles. It is also a personal orchard left behind to the unhindered development of those plants that settle there throughout the seasons; wild plants, endemic plants, fruit trees and other food plants grown up from the bio agricultural activity.
Placing a series of minimun-furnitures into this agricultural plot, BELH shows how it is posible create an open living spaces as a refuge to enjoy a new way of life inside the nature. Free spaces are the most important part of this landscape house. This type of housing becomes an ¨outside-inside¨ landscape.
A determined and inhabitable fragment of the Planetary Garden can be the new home where human being lives free among fragrances, forms, textures and colors of plants, trees, vegetables, fruits, medicinal herbs, birds, bees and another insects…